Co-founded by producers Oskar Pimlott and Lorine Plagnol in 2018, Sungazer is an independent Film and Television production company. Working with international collaborators from a diverse range of backgrounds, we develop bold, forward-thinking projects and produce them in ethical and sustainable ways. We believe that in today’s global society, where images have become a primary language and method of interpreting the world, evolving this dialogue is of vital importance and one of the most powerful ways to effect change.



Feature Documentary, 2019

Writer / Director: Elizabeth Sankey

Musician and writer Elizabeth Sankey investigates the past, present and future of romantic comedies, assisted by a chorus of critics, actors and filmmakers.


International Film Festival Rotterdam (2019), South by Southwest Film Festival (2019), Sheffield Doc/Fest (2019), CPH:DOX (2019)

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Short film, 2021

Writer / Director: Sophie Littman

15 year old Mattie has vivid dreamlike premonitions, which she is encouraged to ignore by her older brother Marco. But Mattie begins to sense that these visions might have more substance than they would like to believe.

Commissioned by BFI & BBC Films, 2020



Short film, 2019

Writer / Director: Keith Akushie

Based on the 1975 short story by Donald Barthelme, ‘Rebecca’ tells the story of a woman called Rebecca Lizard whose body happens to also be covered in lizard-esque skin. Rebecca Lizard's day goes from bad to worse when a doctor can't find a cure for her "condition".

Commissioned by Film4, 2019

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Short film, 2018

Writer / Director: Sophie Littman

The rushing train of thoughts of a young woman in a changing room as she internally debates the line of caring and not caring, telling herself off for feeling self-conscious instead of empowered. A poetic take on the prosaic.

Commissioned by M2M, 2018



Feature film, In development

Writer / Director: Myriam Raja

Zubeida’s Crossing follows the exile of a young 11years old girl and her dad from India to Pakistan, looking at what Partition meant for those who lived through it, and how its trauma reverberates generations later.

BFI Early Development, 2019


Feature film, In development
Writer: Daniel Metz ; Director: Joanna Coates

1918: Two women’s attempts to build a life together on an isolated farm are shattered when a young soldier returning from WW1 appears, causing desires and divisions to rise to the surface.

An adaptation of the DH Lawrence's novella.