Sungazer  is an independent Film production company working with international collaborators from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We believe that in today’s global society, where images have become a primary language and method of interpreting the world, evolving this dialogue is of vital importance and one of the most powerful ways to effect change.

Lorine Plagnol and Oskar Pimlott co-founded Sungazer in 2018 which released its first feature documentary the following year, ROMANTIC COMEDY.

Although Oskar Pimlott continues to artistically follow certain projects, the company is now mainly handled by Lorine Plagnol. As a freelancer, she used to work in international film and TV production. She is an alumni of the B3 Media Talent, Rotterdam Lab, SeriesMania's Eureka Series and a 2020 BFI Insight Vision Awardee.